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7 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat This Season - HerbalCart

7 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat This Season

Beat the summer

Summer is harsh and round the corner. Wondered if there could be a portable AC which could run above your head all the time? Well, there are simple drinks that could just work like an AC for your body. Guess what? Sugar and Calorie meters don’t need to rise!

Check out drinks to indulge in, this summer:


This burst of refreshing drink leaves no mark of stress causing heat inside. Lime and honey topped with mint mixed with soda make it savory sweet. The citric punch adds negligible calories to your system and leaves you cooled down.



The beautiful red flowers are inherited with dozens of health benefits. Heat stroke, diarrhea, dehydration or any sort of heat-induced health problem has one solution- Hibiscus Iced Tea. Hibiscus tea bags, sugar, ginger, and lime is all you need to make this health wonder drink. Serve with crushed ice and become everyone’s favorite.


An iced green tea crusher is all you need to pull down the temperature. Top it with the smoothness of mint and lemon to enhance the taste. The drink that is so appetizing yet healthy. Hang out with it and never worry about weight gain as green tea will take care of your fat and cholesterol while you are sipping it.


Holy cinnamon! It’s Horchata for summer. All you need is rice strained water in a pitcher. Now, add sugar, spice (cinnamon) and everything nice (Vanilla extract and milk). Chill it out in the fridge and serve it with ice.


The citric mix of lime and soothing basil will revive your dehydrated nerves and send chills even under the sun. This chilling drink has everything that makes you feel rejuvenated. Lemon, honey, basil and garnished with mint is what your body will call for.


The right choice of satisfying your taste buds and health demands. The instant energizing drink with just 150 calories and loads of goodness is made up of thawed icy orange juice mixed with concentrated lemonade, part of grapefruit juice and sparkling soda water.


Let your afternoon have a reason to be good with this drink by your side. Take coconut cream and pineapple juice in a bowl and beat them together until they blend well. Shake the soda water and top it with Vanilla ice-cream.
Some things are better tasting than reading about. Try your summer treat from above list right now.

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